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We are a professional design company who help you in making your brand stand out. Our focus is primarily on your business logo and its design. Your logo is how you represent yourself as a brand on your website, business cards and other kinds of marketing materials. Our job is to create a quality logo for you which will improve the way people perceive your company. We can make you look professional, creative, authoritative and experienced with our original designs and convey whatever message you want to your audience. Our logo designs help people recognize your business and remember your brand, which increases your visibility.  Our team is full of experts who can make professional designs for your stationery, brochures,fliers and even your website. Our services are customized to meet your requirements without giving you the hassle of most design agencies. We follow and easy and streamline process to give you the best site design and will make any additions you ask for, such as animation and graphics. Besides this, we also offer SEO services for your business website to help you get more visitors. We collaborate with you to push your website above your competition and get your brand exposed to a bigger audience. Our SEO services will optimize your site and focus on ranking factors to make your site appear higher on search engines.

what we do


Brand identity

We have a team of  Brand Management Specialists who will make sure your brand gets a head start right off the bat. Whether it’s a Logo design or Stationary design leave it to us to create something amazing.

video animation

Text isn’t cutting it anymore? An Animated Video can do just the trick. Displaying your idea visually will help getting your point accross. We provide the best in animation whether it’s 2D or 3D, we will get it done.

WEb Design/ Development

If you're looking to get your site off the ground, having a website can help letting your target audience know that you're out there. But to make sure your site is visually appealing and easy to navigate you need experts, that's where we come in.


Here's what our customer's have to say about us

Kristina Paul - Head of Operations

"My team came to Logo Liberty with a set of instructions directed by our CFO regarding the design of the new company logo. However, when we presented the idea to their designers, they took their own unique spin on it. They came up with a distinct yet sensible approach for the new logo that our higher ups absolutely adored. They added in a few suggestions and presented us with samples only a week later. Throughout the designing process we were satisfied with the kind of effort they were putting in and they were extremely cooperative and receptive to feedback. It was such a pleasure doing business with them!"

Graham Clayton - Head of Department

"The best part about working with Logo Liberty is that they are creative. We needed app developed for our new business but, we could not come up with a coherent idea which would not only appeal to all our customers and improve our business as well. Logoliberty communicated with us clearly and brought our ideas to life without a hitch and started working on the app immediately to accommodate our deadline. Over the next few weeks we ran beta tests and gave feedback along the way. They were very attentive to our needs and got the job done in a short amount of time. Reach out to them if you have an app in mind for your business, they will not disappoint you!"

Anthony Vaughan - Manager Operations

"Our boss decided to build up more PR with our customers and potential clients. One important aspect of this was updating our business stationary with something fresh and innovative. Since I had worked with Logo Liberty before with my previous company, I told my seniors that we should contact them. The entire process was really smooth and easy, as soon as we told them what kind of image we wanted to present, they started to work on our custom made designs. Thanks to their reasonable costs, fast delivery with tracking, and high quality products, we had nothing to complain about. Will definitely work with them in the future because their work is unparalleled."

Janice Lapore - Regional Manager Operations

"Logo Liberty and its services were relatively new tome when I was told to take my design issues to an outside company. I explained to them that I owned a small business which catered to children and their reading material and I needed some good quality animation designs. I was not familiar with digital design tools or how the process worked, I wanted some cartoons which would attract younger audiences. Since I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted, their team walked me through the entire process and explained how I could benefit from a change of animated designs. They helped me spice up my logo by giving me a few options and then did the same for my website and social media. I was so pleased with the response I received after the animations were used that I recommended them to all my friends who had similar issues with their own businesses. Tried and true, they are great at what they do!"